Paul's Transformation: Navigating Alopecia Universalis with Eyebrow & Scalp Micropigmentation

Before and After Alopecia Universalis Hair Loss

In 2020 I started to notice I was losing my hair in strands which i started to realise wasn't a natural hair loss, and by 2021 I had total hair loss across my entire body. I was then diganoised as having Alopecia Universalis.

My hair loss was sudden and unexpected, from having a full head of thick hair to total loss was incredibly overwhelming. I used to hide my hair loss under a beanie hat, even when I was at home and just hoped that my hair would come back as quickly as it was lost.

Fate intervened when I attended an appointment at Trendco to look at wigs for my wedding. There I met Emma Furlong, who introduced me to the concept of medical micropigmentation and Finishing Touches Group.

To say this was a game changer is an understatement, I now had a potential option, something I had been looking for to give me back my confidence in time for my wedding day.

I now had an option, something to give me back my confidence.

It wasn’t just eyebrows that medical micropigmentation could restore for me; Emma talked me through SMP or scalp micropigmentation next and this really was an exciting moment. I knew very little about the treatment but after a full consultation and looking through some images of previous work I felt that this was definitely the route I wanted to try for my hair loss.

The goal was my wedding; I wanted me and my lovely soon to be wife to be able to look back on our pictures with happy memories of our special day and I just couldn’t come to terms with the thought of wearing a hat or having those pictures with no hair. I lost my hair suddenly and unexpectedly.

So, I found myself finally getting some help and advice and I can honestly say I am truly thankful I did, to not only be able to speak to someone knowledgeable but to be offered potential solutions gave me a real boost.

The Results: Paul's Eyebrow & Scalp Micropigmentation Transformation

Treatment Plan: Eyebrow Micropigmentation by FTG Practitioner Steve

Session 1 

After a full consultation, Paul’s brows were mapped, the template drawn, and the colour was mixed. I always go more conservative with alopecia brows as the skin tends to accept the pigment in a different way. We opted for a mid-brown to start Paul’s brow transformation.

The first session was restoring the shape and definition to the brows, allowing us to tweak and perfect on subsequent sessions. This session took around 2 hours.

Session 2

The second session saw good healed results for us to build upon, Paul was really pleased with the result and the overall healing process, which was great.

 For this session I used the same colour, reconfirming strokes that hadn’t retained as well as I would like and adding more definition. With male brows it’s all about creating non-uniform structure so we added a few more strokes to achieve the best result. This session took around 1 hour 15 mins.

Treatment Plan: Scalp Micropigmentation By FTG Practitioner Marzena

Session 1 

Before starting the treatment, I took some time to map the hairline for Paul. With advanced alopecia’s such as Universalis we need to map the entire hairline carefully to ensure the most natural look possible.

We started with a natural hairline position at the front to give Paul time to get used to his new look and allow us to augment further if needed.

The treatment itself took approx. 5 hours and we got our shadow or foundation in ready to build over the next sessions.

Session 2

2 weeks after the first session we were able to complete the second. We went slightly lighter on colour to give more dimension to the treatment, which had held really well from session one.

We treated the whole scalp again this time, which meant another 5 hour session but Paul was a trooper and the result looked fantastic.

Session 3 

The first two sessions are about creating shape and coverage, the third is about adding definition and blending where needed.

The overall retention of the pigment was really good after another 2 week break, so we went slightly lighter again and treated the whole scalp.

This session took slightly less time and we decided to book one more session to give us the opportunity to get a completely consistent blend over the whole scalp, which is often necessary with advanced alopecia’s.

Session 4 

With the wedding fast approaching this was the session for the finishing touches!! In this session we focussed on softening the hairlines for a completely natural look and balancing the whole treatment, adding extra definition where needed.

The smile on Paul’s face, when we were finished, told me everything I needed to know, it had been a successful treatment plan!

Witnessing Salp Micropigmentation after procedure
Paul with his SMP practitioner Marzena
Paul on his wedding day