Non-surgical treatments for hair loss and scalp skin and scarring conditions

What are Tricho Treatments?

Tricho Treatments are our unique range of protocols and home care products developed directly from client needs. The in-clinic protocols are innovative new hair loss and scalp skin treatments to nourish and revive scalp skin and hair.

The saying goes that a healthy scalp = healthy hair and our resident hair loss specialists felt it was time we gave you the opportunity to feel the benefit from these fantastic treatments.

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What do Tricho Treatments do?

The definition of Tricho is “relating to hair.” The aim of our Tricho Treatments is to nourish and balance the scalp skin and stimulate healthy hair growth using our specialist skills, equipment, and products. Treatment specific serums and cocktails are used in conjunction with our needling devices to perform the Scalp Nourish, Hair Revive and Scar Refine treatments, depending on your needs.

Our Tricho Treatments menu covers both nourishing, scalp skin rejuvenating treatments and reviving stimulating protocols for those affected by scalp skin conditions, scar tissue and hair loss.

Who can benefit from Tricho Treatments?

The treatment protocols are beneficial for both men and women of all ages with thinning hair/hair loss or dry, irritated scalps. They were developed in response to those affected by hair loss visiting our clinics for SMP or seeking advice from our hair loss specialists to help soothe irritated scalp skin and promote a healthy hair growth cycle; not only to encourage natural growth but to maintain hair alongside SMP or other hair loss treatments.

Tricho Treatments are also beneficial to those looking to help expediate healing of post-surgical scar tissue, maintain natural hair either in combination or not with transplanted hair and soften/smooth scarring.

Our Tricho Treatments

Scalp Nourish

Hair Revive

Alopecia & Scalp Micropigmentation

Book a free consultation with one of our specialists to find out more on what we can offer you with Tricho Treatments.

We can offer a specific treatment plan tailored to your condition/needs.

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FTG Clinics are specialists in the medical & aesthetics field offering non-surgical treatments covering the scalp, face and body. Whatever the reason, our passion and purpose is to transform the lives of our patients and to offer the highest level of personal support and aftercare available in the industry.

For 25 years we have been working with amazing people, finding the right solutions for them, meaning they leave one of our clinics with confidence.

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Treatment Locations

We have several locations across the UK, each kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment & industry leading practitioners


Knightsbridge, central London

West Sussex

Haywards Heath (20 mins from Gatwick)


Central Manchester

What conditions can Tricho Treatments help with?

- Dry and/or flaky skin
- Lacklustre or dull hair – to help nourish the skin and give the hair the best foundation for growth
- Scalp Micropigmentation prep to exfoliate, cleanse and nourish prior, facilitating the best possible canvas for SMP
- Post Scalp Micropigmentation treatment to nourish the skin
- Soothe and smooth post-surgical, burns and/or trauma skin to help condition and heal
- A ‘facial for the scalp’ – rejuvenate and replenish the skin with the same theory as for our faces

- General thinning hair
- Female pattern hair loss
- Male pattern hair loss
- Post-transplant recipient site (for maintenance of natural hair) - Alopecia areata - Post-partum hair loss
- Peri-menopausal and menopausal hair loss
- Telogen Effluvium

- Post-surgical scarring from FUT or FUE surgery
 - Trauma scarred/skin
- Scalp Micropigmentation scar prep
- Post-inflammatory response scarring

Am I suitable for Tricho Treatments?

At FTG Clinics, we offer a free initial consultation to help you identify if you are a good candidate for our Tricho Treatments. Below are just some of the conditions we have worked with that benefited from a one-off or course of treatment with us:

- Female pattern hair loss
- Male pattern hair loss
- Thinning hair
- Patients affected by increased hair shedding
- Patients looking for a natural, non-invasive hair growth treatment
- Women who noticed hair loss post-pregnancy - Women observing hair change from peri-menopause and during the menopause;
- Patients with androgenic alopecia and alopecia areata
 - Patients who want to strengthen their hair follicles even if no excessive hair loss is presenting
- Patients with scarring and scalp conditions
- Patients looking to nourish and rejuvenate their scalps

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