Kelly Smith-Forshaw

Restorative Medical Micropigmentation

“Even after 19 years in the industry I still don't regard this as my job, it is my vocation.”

After graduating in Hair & Beauty in 1998, Kelly joined Trendco, Europe’s premier hair loss specialist, as their lead stylist. Her experience with hair loss clients inspired her to seek alternative solutions. This journey led Kelly to the world of micropigmentation, where she realised she could replicate hairs for eyebrows and add definition with eyeliner.

In 2004, Kelly completed her training in Semi-Permanent Makeup with the renowned Finishing Touches Group. Eager to deepen her expertise, she pursued and achieved Level 4 certification in both Medical Micropigmentation and Scalp Micropigmentation.

While Kelly is passionate about all facets of her profession, she's particularly drawn to the medical side of the industry. Her repertoire includes procedures like scar and burn treatment, facial feature restoration, vitiligo management, skin camouflage, skin resurfacing, and areola restoration post-mastectomy.

Given her passion for medical micropigmentation, it was a natural progression for Kelly to progress into training. She has proudly served as the Head Medical Trainer for Finishing Touches Group for over ten years, mentoring thousands in the process.

Kelly's enthusiasm for her work is evident. She frequently demonstrates, speaks, and trains on a global scale, eager to share her knowledge. Her mission is to empower others to offer these transformative procedures to their patients.

Her exceptional work hasn't gone unnoticed. Kelly has been featured in numerous publications and has made appearances on TV shows such as "Embarrassing Bodies," "Ten Years Younger," and "The Bad Skin Clinic" on Discovery+ in 2023. Among her peers, she's celebrated, clinching the title of Medical Micropigmentation Artist of the Year in 2018, 2019, and 2021.

 In the clinic, Kelly takes pride in collaborating with other top-tier practitioners and specialists, ensuring the highest quality of service for those seeking help.


  • Level 4 Medical Micropigmentation
  • Level 4 Semi-Permanent Makeup
  • Level 4 Scalp Micropigmentation
  • Level 4 Microneedling
  • Advanced Blood Borne Pathogens

Awards & Nominations

  • MPUK Awards 2018, 2019 & 2021 - Medical Micropigmentation Artist Of The Year
  • PMU Conference 2020 – Finalist in Scalp Micropigmentation
  • MPUK Awards 2018 – Third Place in Scalp Micropigmentation

Recent Speaker Events

  • Team Micro Live - Areola RePigmentation & 3D Nipple Treatments
  • Aesthetic Medicine: Advanced Treatments Agenda - Introduction To Medical Micropigmentation 
  • PMU International Congress – Berlin, Germany
  • Royal College of Surgeons


  • Royal PMU International Mediterranean Congress & Championship 2019 - Turkey
  • MPUK Conference & Awards 2019 – UK
  • Olympia Professional Beauty - Bootcamp 2019 - UK

TV Features

  • Bodyshockers with Katie Piper - Channel 4
  • The Bad Skin Clinic - Discovery+ Channel
  • Embarrassing Bodies - Channel 4
  • Ten Years Younger - Channel 4

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