Fibroblast Plasma Pen Treatment

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Fibroblast Plasma Pen Treatment

Fibroblast Plasma Pen is a skin lifting and tightening procedure which is non-surgical and performed using a plasma ‘pen’ which uses an electrical arc that is transmitted or ‘sent’ through a small probe; the probe does not penetrate or touch the skin.

The arc causes superficial damage to the upper dermal layer of the skin and transmits heat to the lower levels of the skin. – This causes the new skin to generate collagen and elastin fibres which we can lose as we age.  

With the probe, various points are placed on the skin and generate a grid. Due to their variety and arrangement, these points can reduce excess skin – result? The concerned skin area is tightened.

This treatment is extremely successful and renowned for the improvement of the eye area. This treatment offers exceptional results for upper and lower lids and crow's feet. Other areas of the face and body can also be treated.  

Frequently Asked Questions


Before & After Fibroblast Plasma Pen Treatment

Where can I get Fibroblast Plasma Pen Lifting & Tightening treatment near me?

We offer Fibroblast Plasma Pen treatment at the following locations:




Before booking a Fibroblast Plasma Pen treatment we advise that you attend a consultation in-clinic or virtually if required.

Our no-obligation. free skin consultation last around 30 minutes and during the session our skin expert will assess your skin, discuss your current skincare routine and what you are hoping to achieve from treatment.

  • Haywards Heath (West Sussex)
  • Altrincham (Greater Manchester)
  • Consultation price
  • FREE
Treatment (single session)Treatment cost
Upper Eye Lids£350
Under Eye (Bags)£350
Upper & Lower Eyelids£500
Crow's Feet£250
Frown Lines£200
Top Lip (aka Smoker Lines)£200
Smile Lines£200

What Sets Us Apart


All of our technicians are also top trainers in their speciality field and are able to offer the highest level of treatment & bespoke service available


Our priority and mission is you. We will never opt for profit before purpose and will set realistic expectations with all treatment plans


We have a unique collective of industry leading practitioners - we can literally treat from the top of the head, to the tip of the toe


We have over 25 years’ experience in offering the best in advanced Micropigmentation & restorative skin treatments

Award Winning

We are the proud recipients of a number of prestigious awards and accreditations within the Micropigmentation sector

Advanced Equipment

We use state-of-the-art technologies to enable us to offer the most advanced, yet safe, treatments possible

Patient Care

Our passion and purpose is to transform the lives of our patients and to offer the highest level of personal support and aftercare available in the industry


All of our practitioners have achieved Level 4 accreditation in their specialist fields and are certified in advanced infection control prevention


Our unique collaborations with leading medical professionals has been formed over many years and we pride ourselves on working with them to help complete or complement their procedures

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