Marcia Trotter

Restorative Medical Micropigmentation
& Scar Improvement

“I feel lucky to love what I do and it still amazes me the difference how adding colour can change someone’s life in such a positive way”

In 2007, a life-altering incident shook Marcia's world. Her brother, Brooke, became the innocent victim of a hit-and-run accident. This tragic event left him in a coma, with brain damage and severe facial injuries. It was a moment that would redefine Marcia's career trajectory.

Driven by a deep personal bond with her brother's recovery journey, Marcia delved into post-operative treatments for patients. It was during this research that she uncovered the transformative potential of micropigmentation. Inspired by its possibilities, she embarked on training in both cosmetic and medical micropigmentation techniques.

Her commitment to excellence has seen her journey across the UK, Europe, and the United States, constantly enhancing her skills in micropigmentation and skin and scar needling treatments. Representing the FTG Clinics in the North of England, Marcia is proudly based in Altrincham (Greater manchester), where she continues to make a difference, one treatment at a time.

Marcia stands as not just an elite technician but also the North of England's head trainer for the renowned Finishing Touches Group. In this role, she imparts her vast knowledge to other practitioners, nurses, and doctors, teaching them the intricacies of Medical Micropigmentation. With over 1000+ students under her tutelage, Marcia's expertise has become a beacon of learning in the industry.

In clinic Marcia is proud to work alongside our other practitioners and specialists in their field to give the best possible service to those in need. 


  • Level 4 Medical Micropigmentation
  • Level 4 Semi-Permanent Makeup
  • Level 4 Scalp Micropigmentation
  • Level 4 Microneedling
  • Level 4 Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Advanced Blood Borne Pathogens

Awards & Accolades

  • Life Changing Procedure Award
  • North of England Head Trainer for Finishing Touches Group
  • MPUK Awards 2018 – Third Place in Scalp Micropigmentation

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