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Eyebrows After 30 Years! Sue's Transformation with FTG Clinics' Eyebrow Restoration & Scalp Micropigmentation

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Sue's life was irrevocably changed 30 years ago due to a devastating gas explosion, caused by a cooker that hadn't been properly installed. The accident resulted in Sue sustaining 40% burns and necessitated the amputation of several fingers. She underwent numerous procedures for plastic surgery and burns reconstruction. Sue's path to FTG Clinics began through an introduction by the remarkable charity, Dans Fund For Burns.

The explosion not only inflicted physical wounds but also left Sue without most of her eyebrows, compelling her to pencil them in—a task made difficult by the loss of her fingers. Additionally, as Sue entered the menopause, she began experiencing hair thinning, which made the burn scars on her scalp more conspicuous.

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Our journey with Sue commenced with eyebrow micropigmentation. After discussing her desired shape and colour matching her brows, we began with mapping out the eyebrows, followed by the micropigmentation treatment. This process involves a digital device and specialist needles to create natural-looking hair strokes, simulating the appearance of real eyebrow hairs. Sue returned four weeks later for her second session, where we enhanced the colour and added additional hair strokes for a fuller look.

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Sue's treatment plan also included microneedling on her face and arms, aimed at reducing the visibility of her burn scars. We utilised a specialist serum alongside the needling to foster skin flexibility by encouraging collagen and elastin production, thus making the scar tissue more pliable.

The final phase of Sue's treatment was Scalp Micropigmentation. Sue underwent a density treatment to create the illusion of hair follicles, thereby achieving a denser look and camouflaging the scalp to diffuse light more effectively. Over three separate sessions, each lasting around three hours, we meticulously built up the density and selected pigments that closely matched her skin and hair colour.

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Discover the impact of micropigmentation treatments through Sue's transformation. Below, explore before-and-after photos and hear directly from Sue.

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After 30 years of waiting, I finally have eyebrows again. It's truly transformative; they frame my face beautifully, and I'm immensely grateful for this change.

Scalp Micropigmentation

The menopause brought noticeable thinning to my hair, making my burn scars more evident. Desiring a fuller head of hair, I found the entire process with FTG Clinics to be amazing, and the results have filled me with joy and gratitude.

Reflecting on her comprehensive treatment, Sue shared, "Having undergone these treatments, my confidence has soared. It's not just about looking better; it's about feeling better from within. I'm deeply thankful to the Finishing Touches Group for everything they've done."

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    We extend our heartfelt thanks to Sue for sharing her transformative journey. Her story illuminates the incredible possibilities available for individuals looking to restore their appearance, whether it's rejuvenating eyebrows, addressing hair loss, or enhancing overall aesthetics. At FTG Clinics, we believe in the power of medical micropigmentation to not only alter appearances but to also imbue individuals with renewed confidence and empowerment. Our treatments offer a pathway to significant positive change.

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